Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playing With Electricity Some More

Playing with Snap Circuits Pro:

Using "snap circuits pro" all by themselves, Dboyz make a fun little device. The 4YO did most of the work, and the 6YO completed the circuit and we went into a dark bathroom to test it out. Great activity, they came up with lots of uses for "their invention..."

They are learning to follow instructions and copy pictures or plans to make things in physical reality...a skill required in science and engineering.

Also note that the smoothie ingredients are "coconut sugar" not coconut, sugar...

Exchange between the older boy and myself:
"So when you were my age there were no computers or electronics?"
"There were electronics and computers, but only big corporations and the government had them.  There were no laptops or smart phones...certainly no youtube or ability for me to make video's and put them on the internet because there was no internet."
Eyes widen, mouth drops open as he contemplates...